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This is what payment Serviceforms look like

We have a few examples below for you to understand what type of payment Serviceforms you can create.

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Serviceform works with Stripe on all platforms

You can simply embed your Serviceform on practically any website, or place a link to your Serviceform booking page.

Stripe & Serviceform in Action

Hundreds of businesses use Serviceform and Stripe together to process payments.

"I've gotten over 1800 bookings in the last 5 months."
Louise Benning - Totcity
"I save a lot of time with automated quotes from bookings online."
Patrick Jaeger - Wheelys Melbourne
"I was surprised that people actually book charter flights online."
Charter Flights
Edward Mshoi - Peoples Aviation

How does it all work

So how do you connect Serviceform to your Stripe account and start processing payments? It's very simple.

1. Create your payment Serviceform

Register on Serviceform and create your form the way you want it to. Make sure you include something that has a price.

2. Connect your Stripe account

We have integrated Stripe with Stripe Connect and it is very easy for you to turn on.

3. You are now ready to process payments

All payments that come to your connected Serviceform will be sent to your Stripe account.

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