Generate MRR for Your Marketing Agency

All in one conversational marketing toolset white-labelled for your agency. Fully branded dashboard, chatbots, smart popups and forms. Ask us for more details.

Fully branded no-code builder with 5 tools
Simple monthly or per customer price
Differentiate and grow your marketing agency with complete whitelabel lead generation toolset

Everything your customers need to increase their website conversion. Premium chatbot, live chat, web analytics, forms and smart popups in one package. Branded and hosted for your business. Provide a branded toolset for your customers to access their leads and analytics reports.

Content Conversations

Create conversations that engage your users inside your content.

Place in blogs, articles or inside your website. Another layer of lead generation.

Utilise as landing pages for 5-15% conversion rates.

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Serviceform Insights

Our analytics tool focuses on every user, their path and is focused on conversion, not traffic.

Track the paths your customers took to form submissions or button clicks you consider important.

Create A/B tests and split tests, without any code. Easily follow which variation is performing better.

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Chatbot and Livechat

Create chatbots that feel human and fill your business requirements.

We work with brands to create lead generation, customer support and multichannel chatbots.

Connect with Livechat, and host up to thousands of agents. Encrypt all conversations and host on your own servers. Combine all channels to one platform.

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Dynamic Forms & Popups

Create conversion optimised multi-step forms for buying services, products or gathering leads.

Create non-interruptive exit popups, individual user contact forms and a lot more.

Process single payments or recurring subscriptions through Stripe.

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Interactive Buying Experiences

Create Interactive User Experiences for your products and services.

Explain your products and services with changing visuals.

Generate highly qualified and interested leads through conversations.

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Easy to use no-code builders for chatbots, forms and popups

Take the MRR that you are currently paying for form builders, chat providers, analytics and add it on top of your monthly retainer. Our successful whitelabel partners charge between $50-350 per customer just for the toolset.

We used to work in marketing agencies and our founders have been leading one.

Instead of having to sell more and more each month, you can sell your own toolset and charge monthly.

Fully branded backend and domain URLs

All colors and product URLs can be yours. We can host the tools on your subdomain for example;

You can create, manage and host unlimited number of accounts. There is no limit to the size of the customers.

Your customers can login, see their leads and manage their tools themselves. All customer lead emails will be branded for your company.

Website statistics in a simple readable way - hosted where you want it

When utilising multiple tools for your customers, their lead data and analytics data is spread everywhere.

If you use Serviceform whitelabel tools, you control and have access to how and where we host the data.

For our European partners, we make managing GDPR easy. All data is hosted inside EU.

Technical support and training

Our team provides our premium partners training to sell, build and utilise our tools to get the most out of it.

In case of custom requests we can support you and your customer through customisation, such as custom dashboards or integrations

Ever evolving product

With us you are not stuck in the mud. Our philosophy is to constantly keep developing and finding new ways to create more conversion.

Get all new features immediately. We develop our tools rapidly, and you will have access to all of the new features as they come out.

Tools and backend in any language

We have partners in Europe and Asia with different languages. Our backend and tools can be used in any language.

Let your customers log into our backend and ensure they are getting a local treatment.

We want you as our partner

Let's have a discussion on how to sell together.

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Serviceform worked closely with our team, implemented chatbots and analytics, and was able to help us grow leads quickly. We started receiving more seller leads from the first day.
Anssi Kiviranta
Co–Founder, Bo LKV
The implementation was fast and service has been very friendly. If you are thinking of working with conversational marketing platform, I recommend the Serviceform team 100%.
Cristina Barrabés Martínez
Marketing manager, Aincat
Serviceform has always lived up to what it promises. From the first conversations to the monitoring of the tool, they are always attentive, understanding our needs and providing solutions.
Olga Sala
Director of Marketing, Monapart

Let's grow your marketing agency

We will organise a free consulting call where we will run through your business goals and build a plan for tracking and generating your conversions.

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