Question types

Once you log in to your Serviceform account and created a new chatbot, under the Build tab, you will see all the question types available at your disposal.

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 20.20.42.png


Below is a short description of each question type:

Statement question 

Use Statement question so the customer could view the text without any interaction required from them


At Statement, you can define the next question that will be showed. This way, you can build your chatbot Logic jumps


You can also define How long you want to wait before the net question appears.


TIP: use more time in questions with more text, this way, the user will have enough time to read it.

Text Question 

Use Text Questions to ask a question from your customer


In this question, you can choose one of this validations:


You can also use the Label text to give a subtitle to your question:



TIP: You can make the question Required by turning on this option. This way, your client will just proceed after answering the question.



Select One question

Use Select One question type to ask questions with several options as answers. 



You can set how many options the client can select, or to display the results as a dropdown list:


You can also have individual settings for each option, like adding an image or add a Conditional jump.


Payments question

Use payment question to take payments via Stripe or Klarna. Stripe or Klarna account will be needed in order to use this feature.



Search question

Use the Search question type to crawl through the website and search for particular keywords. This can be used to search for products, services or questions.



You can check it here

Live Chat question

In Live Chat question, you can set up the connection with your Live Chat 



You can decide which of your agents will receive the live chat connection and also how to proceed if there're no agents available



HTML question

HTML question allows you to set an HTML code that will appear in the conversation



You can add your HTML in this box on the left banner:


File Upload question

This question will allow you to ask your client to upload an image or file



TIP: You can use it as an HR tool and ask for a CV directly from the chatbot