Meet your dashboard

In your dashboard, you can see all your chatbots, responses, LiveChat and also statistics.



On the left side you can see the different tabs:


Conversational Flows

Under Conversational Flows, you can create and see all your chatbots and forms.

The chatbots have a red icon, while the forms have a blue one.



At Responses, you can check all the submissions from your chatbots and forms.


You can easily filter and search, set a custom date or download a .cvs file.



Here you can see all your LiveChat conversations and join the chat.


You can also turn yourself online and offline through the button on the top right corner.



At team, you can see the different members of your LiveChat team and invite new agents



On Statistics you can have a closer look at the performance of your chatbots and forms.


You can analyze your num. of interaction, submissions, and livechats


Account Settings

On account settings, you can change your profile settings, change your password and login details as well as Billing options