Marketing glossary



Customer information of people who have left information on your website




Customer Relationship Management, a software that keeps track of your customers and your interactions with them.




A way of marketing that is based on getting a lot of people to show interest in your product by getting them to visit your website. Usually through creating a lot of content as a blog, social media or other.




Outbound means any way of getting in touch with a customer that is not familiar with your service. For example cold calls, emails, networking, events etc.




Getting a person familiar with a job, a customer with your software etc. For example, our customers at Serviceform get an onboarding meeting where we help them understand the software.


Hex code


A representation of a color in number form. For example Black is #000000 and white is #ffffff.


Servicechat ID


Every serviceform chatbot and form have their unique ID’s. This helps us find and edit the right forms and chatbots.


Serviceform ID


Every serviceform chatbot and form have their unique ID’s. This helps us find and edit the right forms and chats.


Conditional logic


Conditional logic allows users to ask different questions based on different customer choices. For example, you can decide what you want to do, and jump to another question to continue that flow.


Conditional jumps


Conditional logic in the form of jumping from one question to another question.




SaaS means Software as a Service which is a business model. It allows businesses to use software at a monthly fee or annual fee.


Phone validation


A way of validating that a phone number is a real phone number. Often used in our forms and chatbots.


Email validation


A way of validating that an email address is a real email address. Often used in our forms and chatbots.




The behind the scenes of a software. Where users actually use the product. For us this is the dashboard and where chatbots and forms are created/edited.


Embed code


When a serviceform or chatbot is created, every form and chatbot has its own embed code. Which is a simple HTML snippet that needs to be pasted on the website. 


Lead generation


Getting customers' information online.


Conversational marketing


A type of marketing that is based on engaging with conversations.




Automated conversations through a chat that is available 24/7.




An InlineBot is the same as a Chatbot but they can be placed anywhere inside the content on websites. For example, it could be placed within an article, near a video, an image, etc.


Dynamic forms


Forms that are not just the classic long forms, but for example multi-step forms where a customer gets asked different things based on their choices.




Traffic means the number of visitors on your website. This can include all forms of traffic such as paid, organic, direct and social.


Paid traffic


Paid traffic is the visitor count to a website from a paid advertisement. Ex: Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads.


Organic traffic 


Organic traffic is the visitor count to a website from a search engine like google. 


For example, someone is looking to rent an apartment in London and don’t know any relevant sites so they just open Google and type in something like ‘apartment for rent in London’. Then Google provides a list of links to match that key phrase. Then when you click on a particular link, you are considered organic traffic to that site.


Direct traffic


The visitor count when some types in a website directly on to the URL bar. 


For example, typing in the website / on to the URL bar of a browser and directly visiting the site.


Social traffic


Social traffic is when you click on any social media post and visit a URL.


Website/Traffic conversion


Getting website visitors to leave their details, buy a product or service. Depending on the business’s goals.




Getting a website visitor to interact with your website. 




Application Programming Interface: A technical way to connect two different software tools with each other.




Connecting two software systems with each other. For example, sending leads from Serviceform to Hubspot.


Mobile Responsive


Does it work on mobile? Yes, it's mobile responsive. This means whether our forms and chatbots fit on different screen sizes such as desktops, tablets, and mobile. All our forms and chatbots are mobile responsive.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic. 


Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager allows us to add widgets, tracking, and other HTML/CSS/JavaScript code to our customers' websites without actually having access to their website.


White label


When a software product is entirely branded with other businesses’ branding. Then that company offers the product to their customers and charge them.