1. How long does the integration take?


The integration is a very easy process and takes about 30 minutes - an hour. It’s a simple HTML snippet that will be pasted on the website. The process of building the bots and forms can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the amount of work.


  1. Do you integrate with Google Analytics?


Yes, we do integrate into Google Analytics. You can track the source of engagement and where the lead came from. If you’d like we can provide simple documentation on how to integrate into Google Analytics.


  1. What are the conversion rates of using your chatbots?


Conversion rates vary between the industry, the conversation of your chatbot and the relevance of your traffic. On average out of 100 visitors to your website, placing our chatbots will help you to get 10 interaction and 2-3 more conversions.


  1. What happens if we have a problem? Who do we contact?


I will be your personal Key Account Manager as we progress. All you need to do is to reach out to me and I’ll help fix your problem.


  1. What do you need from us to start doing the bots?


I have already created a simple demo for your business and it shows how the questions branch out into different areas. The demo I created for you is through our industry template but I’d like you to look at it and then tell me the changes you’d like to make to fit your business goals. For example, how would you like to phrase the questions and answers.

We can set up a call and go through the different bots so can you tell us exactly what questions/answers you want for each.


  1. What do you need from us for the integration?


We simply need access to your website to do the integration. If you have Google Tag Manager in place, you can give us access to it or share your website’s login details.


If not, you can also do the integration yourself, where we share the html snippet with you and you can place it on the website. However, we don’t recommend this as its much faster to get it done from our end. 


  1. Do you offer a free version?


We do not have a free version on offer for a few reasons;

Because we have tested and proven that the product works in the market and we’ll always continue to work hard to prove it to you.

We provide a more consultancy approach than just handing you over the bots and telling you to figure it out. We spend time to analyze your website to see where you have the most amount of traffic, also discuss with you or your team to understand the business goals.

Also, I agree that our pricing is more on the premium end and that’s because we want to have fewer customers than having thousands so we can provide a more premium service to help you achieve the return on investment you're making with us.


  1. How do we make changes if we want to change the bots in the future?


When I onboard you with your Serviceform account, I’ll be running through the back-end where you can make changes to the bots. And of course, as your Key Account Manager, you can reach out to me if there is a change you’d like to make and i’ll guide you through it. 


  1. Can you redirect the notification email to a certain person(s) depending on the answers given in the bot?


Yes, we can easily redirect the email to a certain person or team of people depending on the answers the customer selects or types on the bot. That way you can cut the middle man and send the lead to the relevant person where they can take action immediately.


  1. Can the live chat work at certain times of the day?


Of course! The live chat can work 24/7 if you have agents rotating throughout the clock and if not limit it to working hours of your choice. If the live agent is not available, the bot can take the question or problem from the customer along with the contact information, then your live agents can get back to the customer as soon as possible.


  1. How do you keep our clients’ data safe?


We abide by GDPR, store all our data in EU data servers and encrypt all customer data that comes to our servers. I can send you an email with all the technical details if you’d like.


  1. If it is an Enterprise Plan - What is your pricing based on?


For the Enterprise Plan, We need to discuss the custom requirements you need (i.e number of websites, specific functionalities, etc) and I’ll be having a chat with our tech team to discuss your requirements. Based on that, we’ll be sending you a custom proposal.


  1. There are other cheaper tools or even free live chats. How do you justify your price?


Yes, there are many cheaper tools out there but how we mainly differentiate out from the others is through guaranteed results, our experience in the industry and specific features.

With free and cheaper tools you get minimal results. Our pricing offers you a full consultancy process where we analyze your website and identify the best pages to place the bots, teach you how to use our tools, do the entire installation and provide further improvements to achieve the best ROI.


  1. What do you need to train our bots for customer support?


To train the bots for customer support, we simply need the list of FAQs you already have or if we can have a chat with your core members to identify the most recurring questions your customers ask. 


  1. How can we do the integration ourselves?


We can share the HTML snippet and you can place it on the website.


  1. What are the ways of integrating Serviceform on our website?


The integration can be done in a few ways;

- Google Tag Manager - If you have Google Tag Manager in place, you can give us access and we’ll place the bots on the relevant pages.

- Direct login details - Sharing your website’s login details with us, so our tech team can easily place the bots. 

- Placing the snippet yourself or by your tech team - We’ll share the snippet with you and you can place it on the website.


We always recommend Google Tag Manager or the login details as it’s a much faster process. 


  1. I already have a live chat on my website, what is the advantage of having Serviceform on my website?


The main difference when it comes to a live chat is that the human operating the live chat needs to wait till a customer asks a question for it to respond. Whereas, a chatbot engages with everyone who comes on to the website to make it easier for the customer to interact and show interest. The way the customer is guided through, they are much more prompted to give out their contact information when expressing interest.

Most customers who engage with a live chat tend to ask questions that are recurring. These questions can be easily automated through the bots so your live agent can only join the conversation if it is a complex question that the bot is not trained to answer. This way it saves a lot of time for your team and can spend more to focus on the complex issues.

Also, the chatbot is available 24/7 on the website to engage with your customers, unlike a live chat.