Design your chatbot

After you created all your chatbots, you can use our Design tab to make it look better on your website, according to your business colors and branding.


Chatbot title

Here you can change the title of your chatbot, the title will be displayed on the superior banner of your chatbot


Choose your background color

Change your background color using the hexadecimal format (web colors) 


Your background color will be displayed under your logo at the top of your chatbot:


Choose your action color


The Action color will change the color of the chatbot buttons and the lower logo background:



Chat logo

Here you can change the logo that will be displayed on your chatbot



Chat avatar

Change the avatar to make your chatbot more personal



Your avatar image will be shown behind each message the chatbot sends:  



TIP: Use a real image from someone on your team

Use logo as popup icon


If you disable this option, instead of your logo, the chatbot icon will be shown like this:


Show refresh button

Enable the refresh button so show this option on each chatbot


Show logo as circle

If you disable this option, instead of a circle logo, your logo will be displayed horizontally 



TIP: If your logo is readable enough, you can remove the title of the chatbot

Show logo as hexagon

If you use this option, your logo will be shown on a hexagonal shape



Advanced: Custom CSS

If you're comfortable with CSS, you can custom your chatbot easily on this box



The sky is the limit!