Add the SF Pixel to your website

Using the SF Pixel, you'll be able to install the tools, track visitors and optimize your website.


To start, type your website URL and select "START NOW"



You can now choose how you prefer to install the SF Pixel, choosing one of the 3 options:



To use HTML, you need access to your website code and place the pixel code on the <head> tag.




To use the WordPress installation, you'll need to have access to your WP account.



On WP plugins, search the "SERVICEFORM PIXEL" plugin, install, activate it and paste your Pixel ID on it




If you prefer to use your Google Tag Manager Account, you'll need to create the respective tag with the HTML text box and trigger. Paste the snippet the tag and publish them.



NOTE: Don't forget to always "TEST INSTALLATION" to check if the SF Pixel is correctly installed on your website