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Chatbots As An Inbound Marketing Strategy

03 December, 2019 | 4 min read
Business Development Specialist
Diana Costa

If you’re reading this, the odds are that you are probably struggling to connect with your customers, spoiler alert: you’re not the only one.

Nowadays customers are more exposed to marketing campaigns, everywhere, all day… so, how can you connect with them?

It may seem silly, but you have to give them meaningful data and information. Answer to their questions, be nice and honest. Just be real! People are getting smarter, so you cannot trick them to buy what you want, instead, you have to find better ways to engage them. That’s what inbound marketing is about.

How would a chatbot help you? Let’s go through the inbound marketing funnel and check, step by step, how to do it.

Attract strangers into visitors       

So, how can you attract someone you never met before with a chatbot? The first step is to give the customer meaningful information, for example, you can write a blog article.

And now, imagine that after all the work you had, creating content, publishing and sharing it, you don't have any interaction with the reader, so the visitor just goes away... It sounds frustrating and pointless.

At this moment, you can add an InlineBot, a chatbot inside the content (check it here), the point is to have an engaging conversation regarding the content of the page that the visitor is and the best part is, you can customise it any way you like.

This way, you’re not intrusive, but you’re also there for your customer, and with a simple CTA you can connect with them and reach a wider audience.

The point is to increase engagement by starting a conversation.

Convert visitors into leads

It’s cool to be able to direct message your customer, but it’s not always simple to understand what your visitors want, some are just wandering and they stop at your website without knowing how while others are searching for information and comparing you to your competitors.

So how would you know how to approach them?

Use a chatbot to filter the type of customer you’re talking to, and qualify your leads, are they looking for any product? Or are they a client that needs help? Maybe they’re just trying to figure out if this little robot is smart enough.

You can turn a visitor into a lead by answering their doubts and give them a personalized experience, if you don’t give your clients the info they were looking for, they may never come back.

Just move the customers through the sales funnel in a fun and interactive way.

Close leads into customers

You can lead them through your products and services, tell them prices and conditions and then finish the checkout.

There are a few options you can use to close a deal directly in a chatbot, you can schedule a call, a meeting, a service, a starting date, etc. With this, you get a commitment with your visitor.

Another cool feature is that you can pay directly through the chatbot, it’s easy and simple.

After this, the chatbot will send an email directly to the responsible person in your team (sales department, customer support, marketing, IT, and so on), so the customer gets the best treatment.

Delight customers so they become promoters

Optimize the conversations to people who come back to your site, everyone likes to be remembered.

Also, you can find out why they are back, are they going to buy other products and services? or do they have any questions?

You can use a chatbot as a customer satisfaction tool and direct visitors to relevant content.

Doing this, you’d be available 24/7!

Well, sounds nice, but it doesn’t fit my business.

Sure, but before jumping to any conclusion, let me just ask a quick question, do you have a website to promote your services or to sell your products?

So, it means yes, it makes sense to build a chatbot for the website!

After all, you can write whatever you want in the chatbot, like you do on your social media posts, brochures and website. Make your chatbots conversational, so people enjoy talking with them.

The point is to constantly improve and to get to know your client!

Train the chatbot to answer the FAQs with AI, get to know what else does your client has doubts, train the chatbot to answer them, repeat, repeat, repeat… know your customer!

There’s another plus, if you automate the process, you’ll free your team to do important and meaningful stuff.


Give me your feedback, I'd love to hear from you!

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